You will create an Audio Project that communicates your objectives for your story, idea, or social issue. In order to complete this assignment, you will need to complete the following steps:

  1. Write objectives for the usage of this particular tool. What do you hope to accomplish in regard to communicating your message about your selected story, idea, or social issue?
  2. Use your previously created account for this project, i.e. Google+, Facebook, etc.

(Hint: You may need to create free SoundCloud account for your audio/music.  You can create an account that you can upload your files at

  • Create your content for your story, idea, or social issue.
    • Select a part of your topic. You will create 1 music recording. You must create a music track that will serve as background music to add emotion to your overall project. Be creative! Note that you may need to record multiple attempts to get good results. Professionals often take 5 to 10 times as many attempts to get the results they are trying to create. Take pride in your work, as others will be listening.
    • Requirements:
      • You will create a 1 Music file.
      • You will create a music file. You must have at least 20 seconds of music. You must create your own music track. Do not rip, download, or use another party’s work for this project. Create a beat or rhythm that adds context to your story, idea, or social issue.
      • You must use good tool usage technique, such as speaking clearly, removing extra noise, etc. You will need to edit your and music to ensure that it is clear, understandable, etc.
    • The music must appear complete and thorough. Approach the development of this project part as if you are truly completing this for promotion of the topic.
    • Content must be appropriate for your audience and cause and be supportive of a biblical worldview.
  • Once you have developed your Music project, fill in the Music cells in the Mobile Media Project Template and submit in Blackboard.

Note: If the instructor cannot view the project due to a broken link, you will receive a zero for this assignment.

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