Passage analysis


1.) Analyze the passage below by finding:

•           Issue

•           Issue type

•           Conclusion

•           Reasons

•           Ambiguity (as many as you can find)

•           Value conflicts and assumptions (as many as you can find)

2.) Answer the quiz questions and submit the quiz

What’s up with our government spending so much money on junk? I swear! You’d think our government has an unlimited amount of cash!  $4000 military toilets and $500 for an office chair! For real? Instead, the government should provide more funding for cloning technology research. With cloning, we could artificially develop new organs such as hearts, lungs, and stomachs for people in need of transplants. In 2002, a British biotechnology company reported that it can successfully produce pig organs containing genes that the human body wouldn’t reject when transplanted. In this country, fertility problems are at an all-time high because of a stressful lifestyle. So, another good thing about cloning is that, in certain circumstances, it may provide an efficient solution to fertility. Another advantage of cloning is that certain proteins produced by clones can be used to fight diseases such as diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, cancer, and Cystic Fibrosis. For instance, a study in 1999 concluded that in a sample of ten cancerous mice that received cloned cells from a healthy mouse, 75% of the mice showed a decrease in cancer cells. Finally, cloning has huge advantages over plastic surgery because breast implantation will allow for use of actual tissue in the body instead of use of foreign materials.

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