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Assignment:                     Persuasive Speech Outline

Title of Presentation:              Technology: Stop Letting it Control You

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General Purpose:             To persuade the audience that technology has been harming society.

Specific Purpose:             To persuade the audience to limit their use of technology.

Thesis Statement:           Personal communication should not be replaced by social media or any other type of digital technology.

I.            Introduction

A.           Attention-getter: I want to begin by asking you, the audience, a few questions… is the explosion of technology bringing us closer together or creating distance between us?  Is society as we know it to be right now headed in a dangerous direction?

B.           Relevance statement: Most, if not many of us, use social media daily. It’s part of our lives whether we like it or not. From just talking to friends or trying to promote our business or even finding a new job and connecting with people to try to get that job, social media is here to stay.

C.           Credibility statement: Lauren Klein from UC Berkeley is an expert in Psychology and is devoted to the study of humans and how they interact. She asks an important question, “Do digital devices and social media really disconnect us from the flesh-and-blood people in our lives? Or can mobile devices actually add to our social capital?” (Klein, 2014).

E.           Preview statement: I am going to present to all of you how new tech has evolved and affected our society along with the positive and negative consequences of using those technological outlets and how we can lessen those side effects and properly supplement new tech into our lives.

Transition:          Let me begin by talking a little about how social media started and how it has affected our lives.

II.           Body

  1. The dawn of a new era with the help of technology and its various media outlets are creating opportunities and also new issues within our social structure.

1.           We should understand the origins of social media, how it has changed our society for the better, but also has pushed us apart.

a. Connecting with people has been easier than ever. Businesses and jobs have been booming with the help of technology and social media.

b. Baecker, who is an expert in human-computer interaction and a Professor of Computer Science at the University of Toronto, states that “Large numbers of individuals, many of them senior citizens, live in social isolation. This typically leads to loneliness, depression, and vulnerability, and subsequently to other negative health consequences. By researching and understanding the needs of people in environments associated with social isolation, it’s shown that technology facilitates social connection” (Baecker et al., 2014).

c. Technology addiction and online bullying are issues that are resulting from these new social channels of communication.

2.           Counter viewpoint:  Social media is not the problem.  The problem is a divided society that has a lack of civility and not enough respect for diverse points of view.  Technology has more benefits than drawbacks and can enhance personal communication and actually bring people closer together.

Transition:          Now, let’s talk about how technology affects us socially and ways that we can try to reduce the negative effects.

  • Imagining how a typical day starts with the use of tech and how we are being affected.

1.           We shouldn’t be attached to technology and our phones looking at them constantly. It’s unhealthy, and it’s definitely not what technology was intended for.

2. Technology addiction is causing a breakdown in our social structures.

a. Nowadays we see people talking or texting to one another through their handy dandy phones instead of having a nice conversation and human interaction.

b. We should practice abstinence from technology, or at least partially abstain to better our lives.

c. Barb Boose couldn’t have said it any better when she states that, “At first glance, having many friends or contacts on social networks implies a great sense of connectedness. However, you likely have experienced the downside of electronic social circles, such as the recent party or lunch where other guests were staring into their digital devices and tapping messages to others. The connectedness of one-on-one conversations may be lost to the digital connectedness” (Boose, 2015).

Transition:          Living in a world filled with new gadgets coming out every year, one can feel smothered with joy and endless amounts of entertainment. Even though we may think that we’re not dependent on new tech, you might want to stop, think, and consider taking a break.

  • Society is becoming so dependent on tech and social media that it’s becoming the new normal.

1.           Stop, think, take a break.

2.           Take up a few new hobbies to distract yourself from any type of tech that’s in your house.

              a.           Go over a neighbor or friend’s house and have a friendly conversation

              b.      Learn something new. Start a new hobby, maybe cooking or gardening? Home improvements? Try anything that catches your interest.

3.           Try and get into your self-aware state of mind and leave all distractions aside.

Transition:          Now that we have a better understanding of how technology has affected us socially, it is up to us, every single one of us to stop, and think… will we supplement technology into our lives? Or will we let it control us?

III.          Conclusion

  1. Tech and social media along with other new gadgets have vastly improved our way of living. It has its caveats that we as a society must learn from in order to be able to supplement the beauty of new tech, not be controlled by it. Learning to take a break from it all and getting involved with new hobbies or making new connections is what life is all about, not being stuck on a screen and addicted to technology.
  2. a study done in 2017 consisting of 94 participants undergoing 224 trials, led by psychologists created different tests on identifying emotions and how they show importance to the way we socialize (Wegrzyn et al., 2017).
  3. Technology is here to stay. Connectivity, communication, and its vast amounts of outputs are bound to evolve. Remember what I said earlier? We ARE social creatures. We weren’t meant to be isolated.
  4. Will you let yourself be controlled by technology? Or, will you let it be just a small part of your social interaction? Only you, every single one of you, really know the answer to that. I hope today I have been able to convince you of the reasons why you should limit your use of technology.
  5. Let’s get out there in the real world and explore what is has to offer!


Baecker, R., Sellen, K., Crosskey, S., Boscard, V., & Barbosa Neves, B. (2014). Technology to reduce social isolation and loneliness. ACM SIGACCESS Conference on Computers & Accessibility, 27-34.

Boose, B (2015, May 6). Does technology connect or isolate us? Des Moines University, Medicine and Health Services.

Klein, L (2014, March 12). Does technology cut us off from other people? Greater Good Science Center, UC Berkeley

Wegrzyn, M., Vogt, M., Kireclioglu, B., Schneider, J., & Kissler, J. (2017). Mapping the emotional face. How individual face parts contribute to successful emotion recognition. PloS one12(5), e0177239.

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