Unfolding case study—answer the following questions, each with a minimum response of 50 words. 
1. A newborn baby boy is delivered via Cesarean Section after the mother pushed for three hours and was unable to deliver the infant. The infant is born and the one-minute Apgar score is 5. Describe the top three nursing interventions at this time and support your responses with rationales.
2. The five-minute Apgar of the infant is 9. What assessment and nursing interventions would you complete on the infant at this time? Explain the reasons for these assessments/interventions.
3. The infant is now one hour of age and the mother is in the PACU holding the 9lb 10 oz infant. The mother notes the infant’s arms and hands are ‘shaking’ and slightly blue, and asks the nurse why. What are the potential reasons for this and what assessments and interventions would you complete and why?
4. The mother states she wants to breastfeed her infant. When should she start breastfeeding the infant, why? How often should she breast feed the infant and why?
5. The infant is now 12 hours old. The mother asks you how often the infant should and void stool. What is your response to the mother and what is the rationale to support this response?
6. At 24 hours of age, you are teaching the mother how to bathe the infant. What do you include in this teaching and why?
7. During the bath, the mother notes the infant has an elongated head with bruising. What is the possible reason for this bruising? What other physiologic concern would you warn the mother to continue to assess her infant for and why?
8. At 36 hours of age, the parents inquire about circumcision of their infant. The mother asks about the pros and cons of this procedure. Your response to the mother based on evidence-based research include what pros and cons.
9. At 48 hours of age, the baby boy is discharge home to his parents. Discuss 5 discharge teaching musts to include in your explanation with the parents and the rationale for these.

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