Directions: Using the company and research sources from the Topic 2 assignment as a starting point, conduct additional research to acquire information related to consumer behavior, product or service, and price associated with the company you selected. In the “Research Summary” section, discuss how the company could use these types of research findings to develop a marketing plan in order to meet the company marketing objectives and business needs.

Information to be ResearchedResearch FindingsResource Citation Information
Describe the customer segments and target markets.  
Describe characteristics of the target markets that will affect product/service and pricing decisions.   
Describe how the company differentiates its product and positions its brand.  
Describe a consumer buying behavior model for this company and brand.  
Describe the product mix.  
Describe the product lines.  
Describe the service processes.  
Discuss physical evidence of service, service scape, and ambiance.  
Discuss the roles of company employees in service delivery.  
Define the company’s pricing objectives and discuss whether the objectives are profit- or sales-oriented.  
Provide an example of current company pricing strategies.  
Describe pricing tactics (discounts, etc.) that are used to drive short-term demand  

Research Summary: In 250 words, discuss how the company could use these types of research findings to develop a marketing plan in order to meet the company’s marketing objectives and business needs.

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