You are required to study the case study, which has been provided, Managing Artificial Intelligence Technology for Added Value, and select any organisation of your choice and attempt the tasks below:

1. Using relevant models, critically discuss the impact of internal (micro) and external (macro) forces on the company. Critically evaluate the structure of its industry and discuss the implications for the company. (Approximately 1000 words)

1.1 Company Background Statement.

Company overview should brief about the company’s history so far; especially industry and the company, the business and the opportunity that business capitalizing on, progress to date, products or services and how the business organized and what is unique about the business, products and services and what makes them qualified to succeed and problems faced. (Please select the most appropriate two or three from the above criteria for your discussion)

(Approximately 200 words)

1.2 Analysis of the company’s micro environment (Internal Analysis)                                               

            – SWOT

           – Strategic Capability Analysis

               (Approximately 400 words)

1.3 Analysis of the company’s macro environment (External Analysis)                                               

– PESTEL Analysis

– Porte’s Five Forces Analysis

*Competitor Analysis to plot the position of your company against the key competitors.

                 (Approximately 400 words)

2. As a change consultant, what intervention/s would you have implemented within the organisation to mitigate the impact of economic factors. (Approximately 750 words)

2.1 Critically discuss the best intervention/s for the company as a future strategic direction.  

      ANSOF Matrix, Porter’s Generic Approach, Blue Ocean Strategy, BOWMANS THEORY 

      (These are the growth strategy options can use with AI for value addition)                                                                                        

3. Consider a scenario in which you were called upon to participate as a change agent in a strategic change management programme. Critically reflect upon your experience in overcoming blockers and capitalising on facilitators of change. To what extent do you agree that reflective learning is in itself a means of enhancing one’s leadership ability in the context of change management? Justify your analysis by using theory. (Approximately 750 words)

3. 1 How change will be accomplished.

  • LEWIN – Unfreeze, Change, Refreeze
  • McKINSEY 7s – System, Structure, Strategy, Style, Shared Value, Staff, Skills
  • KANTNER – Bold strokes, Long marches
  • GEMINI 4R – Reframing, Restructure, Revitalise, Renew

(Select one model and discuss)

                                   (Approximately 500 words)

3.2   The relationship between reflective learning and leadership ability in the context of change management.                                                                                                           

  • Gibbs’ Reflective Cycle Model                                                                                                 (Approximately 250 words)

 Case Study Analysis Report Layout: Length 2500 Words

  1. Assignment Cove Page
  2. Executive Summary
  3. Table of Contents
  4. List of Tables, list of Figures and list of Abbreviations
  5. Task 1
  6. Task 2
  7. Task 3
  8. References
  9. Bibliography
  10. Appendices

Some Useful Video Links:

Recommended Books for Reading

  1. Leadership Theory and Practice – Northhouse
  • Strategic Management by Richard Lynch (z-lib.org).pdf
  • Strategic management and organisational dynamics the challenge of complexity.pdf
  • Operations management 2nd ed. by Greasley, Andrew
  • Exploring strategy: text and cases 9th ed. By Johnson, Gerry
  • The strategy process: concepts, contexts, cases 4th ed. by Mintzberg, Henry
  • Strategy: process, content, context 4th ed. by De Wit, Bob
  • Strategic management and organisational dynamics: the challenge of complexity 6th ed. by Stacey, Ralph D
  • Managing change: A strategic approach to organizational dynamics by Barnes
  1. Blue Ocean Strategy by Kim, W C
  1. The Strategy Process by Mintzberg
  1. Strategy  Safari by Mintzberg
  1. Competitive advantage of nations By M Porter
  1. On Competitive By M Porter
  1. Strategic management 5th ed. by Lynch, R

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