Two major managerial aspects of cybersecurity:

  • NSD: Networks, Systems and Data as the “crown jewels” (important cyber assets in an organization) for managers to identify and protect
  • CIA: assuring the Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability of your organization’s NSD as your managerial goals

Imagine that you are in a company that has NO employee responsible for cybersecurity (no CISO, no IT department, etc.).  You are NOT the CISO or work in the IT department, etc.  You are the manager of marketing, or legal, or HR or whatever you choose (doesn’t really matter as long as it is non-cyber or non-IT).  Select ONE of the following two research & analysis papers to write. Minimum one page, maximum two pages, double spaced:

NSD: HOW would you as a manager go about identifying your networks, systems and data?  Remember, no one in your company knows the answer.  Are you doing it yourself?  Hiring outside experts – if so, are they expensive? Can you trust them with this information?)

CIA: WHY would you as a manager need to make this an important part of your managerial tasks?  You already have a ton of other stuff to do… what’s so bad if your networks, systems and/or data loses some (or all) of its confidentiality, integrity and/or availability?

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