You are to write a literary analysis essay about a character in Lord of the Flies and explain how that character creates or influences one of the themes in the novel. You may choose from the following characters:

  • Ralph
  • Jack
  • Simon
  • Piggy
  • Samneric (acting as one)

Your essay must connect your analysis of your chosen character to one of the novel’s key themes and:

  • Be 500–750 words long.
  • Include at least three body paragraphs.
  • Contain a clear, concise, arguable thesis statement that offers insight into the characterization of the chosen character.
  • Use transition words and phrases to create coherence.
  • Use direct quotations cited correctly.
  • Include a conclusion paragraph that restates the thesis statement in different wording.
  • Effectively use paragraphing to indicate a change in subject.
  • Give specific textual evidence to support your thesis statement.
  • Use correct capitalization, usage, punctuation, and spelling.
  • Use words, phrases, or clauses for a specific pattern of organization.

You must also submit your paragraph revision graphic organizer.

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