Who am I?

I am a very resilient boy who puts a lot of effort in reaching his goals, fighting for his dreams, by always being open and proactive towards new environments and horizons.

The story of my family began in Carpi: my grandmother, from my father’s side, had to flee there during the war, and was later taken as refugee to Valeggio sul Mincio, where, despite the difficult times, she managed to find happiness and realise her dreams as a woman and mother. Valeggio is a small town in the province of Verona with a population of about 15 thousand; it is famous for its gastronomy and for its amazing surroundings that have been included among the most beautiful places in Italy. My parents grew up in this amazing place where they realised all their dreams and achieved goals they could never imagine.

I believe family is everything: I am very attached to my parents, who have always represented the most important role models in my life and throughout my growth. I have to thank and be grateful to them for the person I am today. I am very precise and meticulous, and always ready to help others and collaborate with them, as I believe the best realization of oneself happens by working in a group to appreciate different ways of thinking and points of view.

I have always been passionate about football, so much that I wanted it to be my future as a child. With time I grew up and my passions changed due to various factors. My passion for football started when I was born, as my father has always been a great sportsman and president of my town’s football club. He has started playing with me when I could not even walk properly yet. My father has always been and still is my greatest fan. He has never missed one of my games or trainings, even when it was raining or snowing, he still was there to support me. During the summer when the football season was over, he used to take me to summer camps around Italy, where we trained with professional team coaches for weeks.

When I turned 16 years old, my ambitions changed and I decided to improve my skills and expertise in the business world, so I started working for my family company and immediately decided that that would be my future and the job that really inspired and motivated me the most. Knitwear is an art that not many know but those who know about this sector are all in love. Knitwear for me is synonymous of passion, Made in Italy and craftsmanship.

Even though I strongly believe that a person should not be judged by appearance but by what they have inside, I am very passionate about how garments are created and what work lies behind them. I hope to build and grow in the fashion industry one day and create something new and surprising to achieve sustainability and help our beautiful planet.

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