Lecture Questions – Round #1 (25%)

EACH ANSWER SHOULD BE BETWEEN 300 AND 400 WORDS IN LENGTH. Around 1000 words! 12 Times New roman, 12 font, APA citations.


  • Question 1: Between the “pre-modern” and “modern” periods of Western (European/Eurocentric) history, the idea of “the child” changed significantly. Tell me what led to these changes and how people began to think differently about children. How has the notion of “the child” changed again in more recent decades?
  • Question 2: What is the governing structure (eg. Democracy), economic structure (eg. Capitalism) and technological environment (eg. The Internet) that you were born into and how have these shaped your life?
  • Question 3: “To screen or not to screen isn’t the question.” Explain, in your own words and drawing directly on course material, what I said are the right questions to ask regarding “screen time” and why.

Please use all references listed below (Allowed to get outside sources too, but use mainly these listed below)

References to use:

Lecture 1:

  • PDF attached (Lecture 1- The Idea of Childhood)
  • Peter Stearns (2006) “Ch. 6: Forces of Change and the Modern Model of Childhood.” Childhood in World History

–        A. Rochaun Meadows-Fernandez – Why Won’t Society Let Black Girls Be Children

Lecture 2:

  • PDF Attached (Lecture 2- The Genius of Babies)

Lecture 3:

Lecture 4:

  • PDF Attached (Lecture 4- To Screen or not to Screen)

–        Dafna Lemish-The Mediated Playground- Media in Early Childhood

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