Module Title:

Lean Maintenance Operations

and Certification

Assessment Task

You have been employed as a lean consultant to review and improve the operations within a large MRO.

The MRO is approved to maintain Airbus A320, A330 and Boeing B737 and B777 aircraft. There are 5 bays that can house any of the aforementioned aircraft. The equipment and tooling for all aircraft is kept in one common area along with the spares, fluids, oils and greases and raw materials. Teams meet at the central planning/ management office at the beginning of shift and are allocated to each bay on a daily basis and this can change day to day. The current efficiency is very poor and the organisation is unable to deliver aircraft on time due to this.

Write an action plan that will reduce the amount of waste and improve the organisations functionality and efficiency. Identify the Lean tools that you would use and provide guidance on how to implement each step.

Please demonstrate your own critical thinking and reference any content that has been taken from another source. Please review the marking matrix carefully. Word Count – 3800 +/- 10%

Marking Scheme

 FailNarrow Fail3rd Class / PassLower 2nd Class / PassUpper 2nd Class / Merit1st Class / Distinction
4.Quality of☐ Very poor A poorly laid☐ Poor Layout,☐ Satisfactory☐ Good A well compiled assignment☐ Very good A very well compiled☐ Excellent An
out assignment that mayspelling orCompilation ofin the way it is written, in its layoutassignment in the way it is written, in itsexcellently compiled
report incl.
contain numerous spelling orHarvardassignment meetsand Harvard referencing. Compilationlayout and Harvard referenced.assignment in the way
grammatical errors.referencing fallsminimum standard inof assignment falls short in someCompilation of assignment falls justit is written, in its
layout, spelling
Inadequate or no Harvardshort of expectedmost areas such asareas such as layout, spelling orshort in some areas and therefore, is notlayout and fully
& grammarreferencing presentminimumlayout, spelling orreferencingat 1st class levelHarvard referenced
Identification☐ Very poor Lacks any☐ Poor Poor☐ Satisfactory Some☐ Good A good understanding with☐ Very good A sound understanding of☐ Excellent A
of economic,understanding of theunderstanding ofunderstanding of theevidence of researchthe issues demonstrating a good amountcomprehensive
operational andpossible issues facingissues.Littleissues but limited of researchunderstanding of the
organisationalLCC’s.Very little evidenceevidence ofresearch carried out  issues demonstrating in
changes neededof researchresearch   depth research
 ☐ Very limited or no☐ Limited☐ Some evidence of☐ Evidence of required reading☐ Evidence of required reading☐ Evidence of
 evidence of required readingevidence ofrequired reading☐ Satisfactory referencing☐ Satisfactory referencingappropriate reading
 ☐ Very few or inappropriaterequired reading☐ Limited references☐ Some interpretation of knowledge☐ Some interpretation of knowledge in☐ Clear Referencing
 references☐ Fewincludedin own wordsown words☐ Detailed knowledge
Knowledge and☐ Inadequate knowledgereferences☐ Limited knowledge☐ Demonstrates factual and/or☐ Accurate use of terminologyof subject
Understandingbaseincludedbase demonstratedconceptual knowledge ☐ A variety of ideas,
(30%) ☐ Inadequate ☐ Appropriate use of terminology contexts, and/or
  knowledge base   frameworks included
      ☐ Interprets
      knowledge in own

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