Before you begin this assignment you should have completed:

  1. Grossman and Valiga Leadership Characteristics and Skills Assessments

Available in Module 1; Complete and grade your responses for Part 1: Perception of what makes a good leader and Part 2: Perception of your own ability to lead.

Once you have selected the Jung Typology test (first selection), prior to taking the test briefly review the “Full Description” link to familiarize yourself with the information available there.  Next, scroll down on that page and click the green box “Take the test”.

Using the results of your findings from the above assessments, the readings and research, prepare a three-page paper that addresses the items below. As this is an assessment of your leadership qualities and personality type, you may write this paper in the first person.  

  1. Paper Content and Required Format
  1. Title Page
  2. Introductory Paragraph
  3. Body of the Paper
  4. Leadership Characteristics and Skills Assessment (Level 1 Heading)
  5. Briefly discuss your perception of what makes a good leader and your perceived ability to lead as identified in the assessment. Were there any surprises? (remember to include the assessment tool as a citation and reference).
  6. Jung Typology (Level 1 Heading)
  7. Briefly identify the personality type (it will be one of the 16 personality types listed) identified by the Jung Typology Test. (You do not need to include the percentages of the individual characteristics as you will discuss the personality type as a whole e.g. ISTJ).
  8. Describe the characteristics of this personality type (e.g. ISTJ) (remember to use citation/reference)
  9. Reflection on Professional Leadership Role (Level 1 Heading)
  10. Discuss the importance of good communication in leading teams to optimize safe and effective patient care. Look for evidence in the literature to support your assertion. Which AACN Master’s Essential and QSEN competency does this skill address and how? (remember to use citations/references).
  11. How can you leverage your personality type and perceived leadership characteristics to grow as a leader in this regard? Include an example of how you could utilize your understanding of different personality types to optimize communication within a team setting.
    1. If you are having difficulty in this area of the assignment, consider a situation in the clinical setting where you encountered difficulty in conveying important information to another member of the healthcare team. If this person had a personality type different from yours, how could you use your leadership skills and change the way you present an issue in order to better engage them? For example, if you are an Intuitive type, how could you present the information to appeal to a Sensing type or vice versa? Do not use names or other institutional information that would allow for identification if you are describing an actual patient care situation that occurred.
  12. Conclusion Paragraph
    1. Summarize the paper
  13. References
    1. On a separate page, place references in alphabetical order. Be sure to align with the proper APA format used throughout the paper.

B. Writing Guidelines

  1. Be sure to follow APA 7th edition formatting guidelines for your paper.  Use the appropriate level of headings to organize your paper (See the APA Manual).  Do not use Roman numerals, letters, or numbers in headings.
  2. Since there is generally a very limited use of direct quotes in scholarly and scientific literature, the use of direct quotes is not allowed for this paper. 
  3. Write the paper based on the assumption that the reader knows nothing about the topic or purpose of your paper—as you would if you were preparing a manuscript for publication.  This paper may be written in first person.
  4. There is a minimum of five (5)references required for this paper, including the Grossman and Viliga book and the AACN, QSEN and the HumanMetrics websites. Examples of the correct APA reference formatting of websites is listed at the end of this document.
    1. All citations and references should be dated, unless the date is not available and source is a widely recognized, authoritative website (e.g. CDC,, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Joint Commission, etc.).
    1. One of the references must be from an evidence-based source (other than your textbooks) and used to support your ideas and responses. The references should be recent, within the last five (5) years, unless it is a seminal work. The QSEN Graduate Competencies are available online (be sure to click on the 2012 update). You may use one or both of your course textbooks as additional scholarly sources beyond the five required.
  5. A Turnitin check must be done on all papers in this course prior to submission to the final assignment link. This paper must be submitted to the designated Turnitin Check: Leadership, Role, Nursing Theory, and Self-reflection assignment to screen for plagiarism. Turnitin scores must be under 25% in order for the paper to be eligible for submission. Papers with Turnitin scores over this limit are to be reviewed, revised and resubmitted to the Turnitin Check link. The final Turnitin score is to be recorded in the “add a comment” section when the final paper is submitted.

C. Required components of the paper include:

  1. Title Page
  2. Introduction Paragraph (introduce topic/theme and major elements of your paper)
  3. Body (discussion of the major topics based on outlined below)
  4. Conclusion (summary of major points)
  5. Reference Page (a total of five (5) recent evidence-based and/or scholarly references are required. Examples of correct references for two websites can be found in section D below.  References must contain publication dates and be in alphabetical order.)

D. Correct APA Reference Format for Required Websites:

7th Edition APA:

HumanMetrics. (n.d.). Discover your personality type.

Quality and Safety Education in Nursing. (2012, September 24). Graduate-level QSEN competencies: Knowledge, skills, and attitudes.

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