Week 1: slides LMC Week 1 lecture.pdf

 Key contents,

  • Sources of Power
  • Discursive leadership
  • Linguistic modality

Modal verbs and modality:




week 2: slides  LMC Week 2 – Leading and Managing People .pdf

Key contents:

  • Communicative Construction of Organisations (CCO)
  • LMX Theory: Leader-Member Exchange Theory
  • Politeness theory
  • Communication accommodation 


Think about the following questions:

1) What is the link between employer and employee branding?
2) What is the role of an employer brand in an employee’s self-identification?
3) Describe the research method and the analytical framework the researchers used (+ What is critical discourse analysis?)

Week 3: slides  LMC Week 3 – Seminar Slides – Gender 22-23.pdf

Key contents:

  • powerful and powerless talk (including their features)
  • double voicing
  • gender as performative and social constructionism
  • language as a resource for performing idenity and leadership
  • the double bind and the idea of language policing

Video clips used in the lecture


the Washington Post

week 4:  slides LMC Week 4 – Seminar 22-23.pdf

 lecture content: constructing leader identities.pdf

Week5: slides LMC Week 5 – Communicating with employees – Seminar – 22-23.pdf

Key content:

  • mission statements
  •  management genres, eg. face-to-face, email

Week6: slides LMC Week 6 seminar slides – 22-23.pdf

 Williams_Using frameworks in reflective writing.pdf

Week7: slides 1-  Narrative Pt 1. pptx.pptx

2-  Storytelling and leadership.pptx

Week8 :  Slides  LE3111 LMC Week 10 pre recorded lecture 2.pptx


  • rhetorical appeals (ethos, pathos, logos, kairos)
  • rhetorical figures

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