Do a 5-minute video.  I attached a word document that would explain exactly what has to be done.

Also in the word document is a link to a student’s video who did this assignment last year.

The topic I chose was Inclusion in Bermuda.

Use google search engine and it would take you straight to the website. Type in “Inclusion in Bermuda” and it would be right at the top.

Include references in the video

Project Description


Laws impact teaching and learning in a nation’s schools. Governments may require all children of a specific age to attend school. They may determine the subjects to be taught. Governments in some countries have outlawed the segregation of schools, opened classrooms to students with disabilities, required bilingual education or English as a second language for English language learners, and/or mandated students to take standardized tests annually. These laws and policies can have a great impact on the everyday lives of students and teachers. In this activity, you will create a video on one of the laws or policies that affect education in the country in which you are living or in your home country.

Performance outcomes

Candidates demonstrate their understanding of how laws and policies impact schools, students and teachers’ day-to-day activities.

What will you do?

  1. Create a 5-minute video that reviews one law or policy that affects the day-to-day functioning of schools, students, and teachers in the country in which you are living or in your home country. The video presentation should:
    • Describe accurately the selected law or policy
    • Discuss the historical and current perspective on the selected law/policy as well as its strengths and weaknesses.
    • Reflect on how the law or policy affects schools in general and teaching and learning in particular.
    • Include your first and last name in the video
  2. Use a video editing tool to annotate your video with text transitions to highlight the key ideas in your video. Be sure that your first and last name is included in your video.

The link below is from a student’s video from last year.  This is just a guide.  Hers is 7:51 minutes and she lost points because It has to be 5 minutes or a bit over but not under.  You don’t have to do mine exactly as hers. I have to be able to speak in the video.

Professor’s evaluation on video below: You created a very well-made video on a policy that impacts teaching in Bermuda. Well done giving the historical background of this law. You outlined the strengths and weaknesses of this policy in a holistic way. You did a great job highlighting various perspectives regarding the implementation of the policy and it does impact society! I had to take off a few points because the video exceeded the time limit and did not include a list of references. However, you worked hard, and it paid off by getting an outstanding score.

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