For this research project, you will need to write an 850-1,000-word academic report (15 marks: 2.5 for the first draft and 12.5 for the second draft), using outside academic sources to back up your points. You will also present your findings to the class in an Oral Presentation (10 marks)

For the report, you will identify a language-related research question of interest to you and survey (minimum 15 people), interview (minimum 10 people), or run an experiment (minimum 5) people on this topic. Your report must include the following sections:

  1. An introduction that introduces your topic clearly states your research question and the purpose of your research (170-200 words)
  2. A literature review of relevant previous studies connected to your topic (170-200 words)
  3. A data and methodology section describing how you developed your questionnaire/interview schedule (170-200 words)
  4. An analysis of your findings and how they answer the research question (170-200 words)
  5. A conclusion (170-200 words) that states what you learned and further directions for study
  6. References Section in APA style (This section is not included in the word count!)

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