Your final paper needs to be submitted on Moodle.

  1. Introduction (.5 – 1 page)
    The introduction of your paper should give an overview of linguistics. 
    1. What is linguistics?
    1. Overview of linguistic features
    1. Brief descriptions of the two speakers that you will be analyzing (the nonnative speaker and native speaker) and overview of their distinctive features and how they compare to each other
  • Morphology Analysis (2 pages)
    • Using the data you collected from your Morphology Data assignment, explain morphology using the data as examples. Suggested topics include:
      • Content and function words
      • Roots, derivational, and inflectional morphemes
      • Bound and free morphemes
      • Morphemes in English
      • Morphemes in other languages
  • Syntactic Analysis (2 pages)
    In this part of your paper, you will analyze the sentences assigned to you from the passage your speakers are reading.  You will use your syntax assignments as the data for your paper.  Your report should include examples from your assignments with analysis, and evidence that you have read relevant readings from our textbook. Suggested topics include:
    • Word order
    • Word relationships
    • Grammatical relations
    • Hierarchy in syntax
    • Relationship between syntax and grammar
  • Phonetics/Phonology Analysis (4 pages: Use the *Phonetics/Phonology Analysis you completed on your two persons from International Dialects of English Archive.)
    In this part of your paper, you will analyze the speech samples from your two subjects.  You will use your phonetics and phonology assignments as the data for your paper.  Using your knowledge of phonemes (voicing, place and manner of articulation) you will look at a few words and phrases in each of the speech samples.  Address any mispronunciations, assimilation or elision that you find.  Your report should include examples with analysis, and evidence that you have read relevant readings from our textbook.
    • Phonetics
      • Relationship between speech sounds and orthography
      • International phonetic alphabet
      • Phonemes (place and manner of articulation)
      • Comparison of speech sounds between native and nonnative English speakers
    • Phonology
      • Allomorphs
      • Syllables
      • Stress, pitch, and juncture
      • Comparison of intonation between native and nonnative English speakers
  • Conclusion (.5 – 1 page)
    The conclusion should summarize your new perspective on linguistics and language.  If you plan to have your own classroom, describe how your new perspective will inform your teaching of English Language Arts.  If you do not plan to go into teaching, describe how your new perspective on language will affect your future job or daily life.

Your final paper will be a total of 9-10 pages (not counting cover page and references).  Your paper should be APA format, size 12, Times New Roman font. 

There are several elements in a well-written paper.  Ask yourself these six questions to see if your paper is well-rounded: 

  1. How’s my introduction? Does it introduce the topic adequately?
  2. Have I shown that I have concrete experience in the topics being discussed? (Narratives make research more engaging, but be careful that the bulk of the paper isn’t narrative.)
  3. Have I reflected adequately on my concrete experience?
  4. Have I incorporated (and cited) third persons into my paper (books, lecture, other sources)?
  5. Have I shown that I can apply what I’ve learned to a new situation? (In this case, your future classroom.)
  6. How’s my conclusion? Have I effectively closed the topic?

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