Instructions: Using the pages of chapter one of the book, Art and Illusion. This file is attached.

John Constable expanded the limitation of the medium. Write a 2-page paper on how Constable expanded the vocabulary of how paint can describe or suggest visibility reality; how did Constable change the way paintings of nature were approached? Could it have been done by relying solely on learned conventions and stereotypes? How was he met with resistance? What role did personal experience play in his contributions to painting? Provide examples or other support. Are there instances where other artists and inventors used personal experience to build upon formulas?


  • No title needed
  • Source should be the book.
  • Two full pages minimum (references/sources &title do not count)
  • Must be done in Microsoft word
  • Arial 12pt font
  • 1” margins on all sides
  • Double spaced (no gaps between paragraphs)
  • References should be outside of the two pages
  • Paper should start with introduction of general summation of information
  • Include a conclusion

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