1. Summary of the Investigation project and what you learned
  2. Connections to your Math (Parks) and Science (Worth et. al.) texts as appropriate to the particular video viewed. What did you see in the video that was referred to in your texts?
  3. Connections to the CT ELDS. Which standards did you see in the video? Explain with examples from the video
  4. Higher Order questions: Connect to your Strasser text. What kinds of questions were being asked of children? Did you hear higher order questions? If you did not, what might you ask in a similar situation?
  5. Your own opinions. What did you think?
  6. What might you plan for children as a follow up to this investigation?
  7. How might you share this investigation with parents/guardians?

Use this rubric to self-assess your Observation before turning it in.

Criteria for GradePossible PointsStudent Points
Investigations Video is Identified  .5 
Investigations Video is summarized  .5 
Connections to your Math (Parks) and Science (Worth et. al.) texts as appropriate to the particular video viewed.2 
Connections to the CT ELDS standards are discussed, discussion contains multiple standards and examples2 
Connections to your Strasser text and Higher order questions discussed, including examples2 
Student’s own thoughts and opinions on the video viewed1 
Follow up plans/extensions1 
Assignment is well organized, legible and free of grammatical and spelling errors.1 
Total Points10/2=5      /2=

***Each observation is worth 5 points!!

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