Choose 5 of the following terms; define and explain their significance in the context of the intersectional analysis of western biomedicine that you have conducted in (5 x 10 marks each):

  • Patient Activism
  • Cultural Proselytization & Mental Health
  • 21st Century Body
  • Health as Commodity
  • Medical Racism
  • Gender vs Sex
  • The Stare
  • Definition of each term: 3 marks/10
  • Significance of each term: 7 marks/10 (make sure to explain 7 distinct ways the term is significant in the context of your learning.  This significance can include some of the key theories/theorists we explored in the fall, but should clearly and thoroughly engage with material from the winter semester
  • Answers can be written in point form and must be fully cited; your exam must include a bibliography
  • Answers should be no more than 2 pages (double-spaced)
  • Each of your terms should engage with at least 1 course reading, 1 film, and a broad spectrum of seminar material
  • When referencing seminar material, make sure to properly cite the studies/theorists/organizations presented in seminar, and not just Prof. Woronko or one of the guest lecturers

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