Review the statements and attached notes below. Then form your initial thread around your opinion of the Just War theory about the case below.
Do not be shy about voicing your opinion, and do not find offense to those opinions that differ from yours. This is meant to be a discussion, not a competition on who is right and wrong. 
Your answer to the questions below is counted as the first post. You will need to make two (2) posts, one direct thread, and at least one (1) reply has to be to a classmate who offers a differing view on the topic.
Warning: I want respectful interaction, it is okay to disagree, but the discussion must maintain respect and integrity for every student’s opinion. You can agree to disagree, but the point is to understand why someone might see the issue differently or give importance to some facts over others. Do not disparage or degrade someone’s post simply because you disagree with the author. Instead, find commonalities, debate, and discuss your opinions. 
1. The US invaded Iraq in 2003 as the Bush Administration claimed that Saddam Hussein possesses Weapons of Mass Destruction. The objective the U.S. would claim was to liberate Iraqis from the tyrannical regime of Saddam Hussein. Since then, the controversy appears within academia on whether the Iraq War in 2003 should be regarded as “A Just War” or “Just a War.” below.) Then, form your own opinion about the 2003 War in Iraq. Based on the evidence in your research and the video, what conclusions do you make about the justification for war in Iraq? Is it justified at all? 
2. Then, seek out another similar example that you are in particular interested in. For reference, you may look at the cases of the Cuban Missle Crisis from the Fog of War Documentary, the first Gulf War, and more recent cases of global terrorism and the turmoil throughout the world, would you have a different opinion on the justification for any one case in particular? Why or why not? (Consider any similarities or differences that would support your argument.) 
Link to Bush’s War – Part 1 and Part 2.
Additional Notes 
Just War Theory PowerPoint.pptx
Just War Theory Basics.pdf
Against the Theory of the Just War.pdf
The Justification of War.pdf
Just War Theory – NOTES.docx
Joseph Nye on global power shifts

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