• 12 slides ppt presentation of 10mins,
  • 500 words (+/-10%) as slide notes, separately from the script of the presentation
  • Slides and notes should all be referenced

This assignment requires you to:

  1. You will prepare a narrated PPT presentation in which you will critically discuss some of the cultural implications arising from the role, behavior and cross–border activities of multinational corporations (MNCs).
    1. Choose 1 MNC to critically discuss
    1. Socio-cultural implications
    1. Convergence / Divergence
    1. International Labor standards:
      1. Migrant’s labor
      1. Offshoring / Outsourcing production…
    1. National Culture:
      1. Some say globalisation is a movement in the direction of greater integration (convergence)
      1. Some say National Culture is so deep-seated, differences remain (divergence)

The attitude and approach adopted by individual MNCs are important here: standardise or localise?

  • Cross-border activities:
    • Perlmutter, H. (1969), ‘The tortuous evolution of the multinational corporation,’ Columbus Journal of World Business, 4(1): 9-18.
    • Bartlett, C.A. and Ghoshal, S. (1989), Managing Across Borders: The Transnational Solution, Cambridge, MA: Harvard Business School Press.


  • You will prepare a narrated PPT presentation on an employment system of a particular country (Please USA and Germany should not be used for this assessment as this will be covered in the lecture as an example). You will present your analysis and main findings of the key features and issues of this employment system
    • Employee job security
    • Gender inequality
    • Salary
    • Worker’s welfare


  1. ProQuest Ebook Central – Detail page
  2. ProQuest Ebook Central – Detail page
  3. International and Comparative Employment Relations | National Regulati (dmu.ac.uk)

Assessment Information:

  • Critically Discuss ‘Globalization’ as an approach and an ideology, particular in relation to national contexts and labor.
  • To analyze and evaluate how national institutional and cultural differences shape employment practices and to engage critically with the debates surrounding National Business Systems and HRM.
  • To construct a critical analysis of the role of MNCs
  • Examine the concept of IHRM and the processes involved in constructing IHRM strategies and practices with implications for ethical issues.

Assessment Criteria:

Contenta. Depth of analysis, interpretation &     discussion. b. Application of HRM principles60%
– Highlight of key concepts – Analytical approach to answering the questions – Appropriate use of theory and application of concepts and appropriate theory – Clarity of argument, explanation and interpretation – Summary of key issues – Originality                  
Evidence  Depth of research undertaken25%
– Supporting evidence on the presentation slides – Wider reading – Depth of research under- taken (eg. Statistical data) – Use of relevant examples – Problem solving          
Presentation Style 15%
– Fluency – Enthusiasm – Logical structure  (introduction, analysis, conclusion) – Logical sequence of information – Appropriate use of A/V – Time keeping    
Total Mark  

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