Topic: Intellectual Property
Intellectual property is a significant asset for most companies. Patented products and processes are often the basis of a company’s reason for existence. IP must be managed and protected in line with the fundamentals and mission of a company’s business. 
Thread Prompt:
For this discussion board, respond to the 3 questions in the Business Ethics Flashpoint 8.1 in your text. Your response must explain how you balance the interests at stake, including:
1.How should a for-profit corporation balance its business needs with the needs of its customers?
2.Lives depend on products created by some companies. Do these companies have a greater responsibility to work towards benefitting the consumer more than themselves?
3.Look at the issue from a Biblical worldview. How would you respond if you were running such a company?
Your thread must explain how you balance the interests at stake, including:
Creator v. Consumer in the creation and management of intellectual property
1.Profit and return on investment for company owners/shareholders
2.Continuing existence of the company
3.Protecting intellectual property of the company
4.Needs of patients, practitioners, and society
5.See, e.g., Fitzgerald, M. (2019, August 19). CEOs of nearly 200 companies say shareholder value is no longer main objective. CNBC. 
Biblical support and guidance for your positions.
Any other legal and ethical concepts you believe may be relevant.
Your thread must be at least 900 words and be supported with a minimum of 3 scholarly sources other than the course textbook and materials, with current APA citations. A Biblical worldview must be integrated.
More detail in files

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