There will be three article critiques required for this course. For each paper, locate two peer-reviewed journal articles covering the same topic by using the library website and/or Google Scholar. The topic in the articles will need to relate to policing, and you must use different articles for each article critique – cannot “double-dip” or reuse articles between the three critiques. You are more than welcome to use the articles assigned to you in the class, or you can use other articles outside of the course as long as they are peer-reviewed articles. 

Provide a summary of each article (2 pages of summary – 1 full page for each article) followed by a critical analysis of both pieces (at least 2 full pages). The two articles can be either complementary or contradictory but must cover the same topic. For example, you can choose an article that shows the positives of BWC and one that highlights the negatives of BWC -contradictory articles, but they cover the same topic. 

Each article paper should be between 4-5 pages in length – each summary must be at least a full page long and the critical analysis at least two full pages long. Technical, there is no cap or maximum page length- just make sure to meet the minimum requirements. 

Papers will be due through Blackboard (unless otherwise noted in an announcement). I will only accept assignments through Blackboard, not via email. Please submit the document in Word or PDF file. 


You can find all of the technical and content requirements for the article critiques in the rubric under the Assignment tab. To receive full credit for an assignment, you will need to follow the technical requirements AND answer all parts of the assignment. It is your responsibility to adhere to all of these requirements, and you will be marked down for not adhering to them. 

If you have questions about APA format, I strongly recommend reviewing the Purdue Owl APA website – an entire site dedicated to APA formatting guidelines. I would also double-check the citations you generate through Google Scholar as sometimes the APA formatting created is not correct. Again, I would highly recommend you check your paper before submitting it. You can receive an F or D with formatting issues alone.

There is an unlimited amount of “attempts” to submit the article critique. If you experience technical issues, submit the wrong paper, or realize that Blackboard changed the formatting of the paper, just resubmit the document. I will grade the last “attempt” you submit.

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