Assignment Instructions, Outline, and Grading Rubric

Course Student Learning Outcomes Related to Assignment (depending on topics selected and reviewed):

  1. Become familiar with the foundations of health care informatics, including theory, definitions, and historical developments in informatics.
  2. Become familiar with the basic computer concepts and terminology. Understand the importance of healthcare providers becoming proficient users of information and information technology.
  3. Discuss the use of technology for e-health applications and telehealth.
  4. Understand the importance of data integrity, use of standardized terminology and its application to the electronic patient record.
  5. Understand the types of hospital information systems.
  6. Discuss the importance of healthcare providers becoming knowledge workers and the types of skills a knowledge worker must have to successfully store and retrieve information.
  7. Understand the human factors involved in security and ethical issues, and human-computer interaction.
  8. Evaluate the quality of the health information electronically retrieved, based on criteria developed in the field of health care informatics.

Assignment Instructions:

  1. Read the Assignment Instructions, Outline, and Grading Rubric completely before beginning assignment. 
  2. Select your topic on “Select your Informatics in Healthcare Presentation Topic HERE” page located in the Week 1 Module in the CANVAS course. Follow the instructions to “EDIT” the page, add your name next to the selected topic, then click “SAVE.”  Contact your instructor to request a topic not listed on the page.
  3. By the end of Week 1, submit three clearly written learning objectives for your presentation as a WORD document to the “Informatics in Healthcare Presentation: Submit Learning Objectives HERE” assignment.
  4. In Weeks 2 and 3, gather and review at least five scholarly sources that relate to your topic, including the textbook, credible online resources, and peer-reviewed journal articles published within the past five years. 
  5. Create a PowerPoint presentation (with speaking notes or voice/video narration) of no more than 20 slides that presents the following elements:
    1. Title Slide (Title of Presentation, Author, Course Number and Name, Date)
    1. Learning Objectives
    1. Key Concepts of the Informatics in Healthcare Topic
      1. Describe the topic, including the basic concepts, terminology, and technology involved.
      1. Describe the importance of topic in relation to patient care, nursing, and health care quality and safety.
      1. Define any key terms and concepts.
    1. Legal and Ethical Concerns (related to the Informatics in Healthcare Topic)
      1. Describe legal or ethical concerns that impact patients, nurses and other healthcare providers, or health systems.  Provide specific examples as appropriate.
    1. Health System Considerations and Outcomes (related to the Informatics in Healthcare Topic)
      1. Discuss the risks and benefits related to the Informatics in Healthcare Topic in relation to patient care quality and safety, health care system effectiveness and efficiency, and impact on healthcare professionals.
      1. Evaluate best practice strategies to improve patient safety, quality outcomes, and provider support. Provide specific interventions and safety measures as appropriate.
    1. Conclusion
      1. Summarize key concepts of presentation—can be in written format on slide, as a process or concept diagram, or other media.
      1. Describe future implications for Informatics in Healthcare issue or topic
    1. References and Citations
      1. Reference list included on final slide reflects a minimum of five current (<5 years) scholarly sources.
      1. Attach a WORD document (.docx) of the References page to the Assignment Comments field of the assignment.
      1. In-Text citations follow APA format (Author, Year) and appear on slides and notes.  
    1. Speaking notes
      1. Narration of your presentation typed into the ‘notes’ field on each slide). Voice narration of speaking notes is optional. Do not duplicate slide content into Speaker Note section—elaborate on the content of the slides. 
  6. Submit Informatics in Healthcare Presentation as .pptx file or Studio media file to:
    1. Informatics in Healthcare Presentation—Submit for GRADING (also attach Reference list in .docx file to comments)
    1. Informatics in Healthcare Presentation—Submit to DISCUSSION BOARD for classmates to View/Review


Grading Rubric: Informatics in Healthcare Presentations

CriteriaRatings (scores may range between categories)Points Possible
Learning ObjectivesMeets Expectations (10) Three clear, concise, and measurable learning objectives, using appropriate Blooms taxonomy verbs and level of complexityNeeds Improvement (5) Fewer than three objectives and/or objectives not clear or measurableMissing (0)10
Key ConceptsMeets Expectations (20) Description of topic clear and accurate. The importance of topic in relation to patient care, nursing, and health care quality and safety is explored.Needs Improvement (15) Description of topic incomplete or unclear; importance to nursing, healthcare quality and safety not sufficiently explored.Limited (10) or Missing (0)20
Legal and Ethical ConcernsMeets Expectations (20) Description accurate and demonstrates understanding of the legal and ethical considerations of the Informatics in Healthcare topic.  Examples of issues/concerns are described and are supported by evidence or precedence.Needs Improvement (15) Description of legal and ethical considerations limited, are not supported by evidence or precedence. Limited (10) or Missing (0)20
Health System Considerations and OutcomesMeets Expectations (30) Identifies best practice strategies to improve patient safety and quality outcomes. A minimum of three strategies (interventions) are described and supported by evidence.   Needs Improvement (20) Description of best practice strategies are limited, with only two strategies or interventions described, and/or interventions are not fully supported by evidence.  Limited (10) or Missing (0)30
ConclusionMeets Expectations (10) Summary of key concepts of presentation are creative and includes future implications.Needs Improvement (5) Summary of presentation incomplete and/or does not address future implications.  Missing (0)10
Scholarly workMeets Expectations (10) Demonstrates ability to write in scholarly manner; includes at least five references, three of which are peer-reviewed research articles to support written work. Accurately includes and formats citations and references with minimal errors (APA format). PPT is organized with robust speaking notes that demonstrate student’s understanding of the concepts written on slides.Needs Improvement (5) Emerging ability to write in scholarly manner with more than few errors in spelling, grammar, organization of PPT, and/or format of citations/references. Includes at least three peer-reviewed research articles to support written work. Speaking notes not complete. Does not Meet Minimal Expectation (0) Inadequate Scholarly work, fewer than three peer-reviewed research articles, and/or missing speaking notes/narration.10
Total Points   100

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