Based on the reading assignment this week and the application & demo exercises completed, briefly describe what you learned and the concept that remains the least clear to you. That is, which section(s) would you most benefit from covering within the PPT slides during lecture?  Usually, a response between 75 & 100 words will be adequate (see below for examples of good and poor responses).

PLEASE NOTE: This description should be detailed enough to make it evident that you have clearly read the chapter(s), reviewed the PowerPoints, and have been engaged in class. Since we will not have adequate time to cover all PPT material during lecture, please be as specific as possible to allow the professor to appropriately focus on the concepts most difficult for students.

If you do not have ANY concept that you remain unclear aboutplease write a unique multiple choice test question (analysis/application questions are preferred over basic knowledge questions). Make an effort to write a question from this week’s material that you believe would help gauge student understanding of the content covered.  Provide four potential answer options, AND which answer is correct (the correct response is required for full credit)!

Please make every effort to submit as early as possible so that I have adequate time to review submissions. I want the class to be responsive to student needs in order to make the experience as meaningful as possible.

********************* Good and Poor sample responses *************************

An appropriate response would be something like the following:

“This chapter covered the basic terminology and concepts underlying the fundamentals of statistics and it was helpful to reinforce concepts like the definition of a parameter versus a statistic, and how to differentiate descriptive statistics from inferential statistics.  It was a good review for me; however, I remain unsure about the content covered in section 1-2, especially learning objective 7, which discusses scales of measurement. In the exercises covered, I struggled to answer the questions about how to determine if something is considered an interval or ratio scale.”

An inappropriate response would be something like the following:

“The chapter covered hypothesis testing. I did not understand most of it.”


“The chapter covered the t-test, yet I am not sure what a t-test is and when you would use it.”

Full credit would NOT be given for the latter two responses. They would suggest that you did NOT carefully review the textbook content or the materials and exercises provided. 

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