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Health Washing Hands

Infectious Disease

*Remember if you see Yellow you should have an answer typed in that spot

Task 1

Scroll through the Infectious Disease PowerPoint.

1. What are the six lines of defense your body has?

SkinChemicalsMucous Membrane
Stomach AcidHelpful MicroorganismsInflammation

2. Immune response is the second line of defense. Can you name the three kinds of immunity?

Define: Starts right after an antigen appears. Which brings barriers such as skin, blood chemicals,etc.Define: An injection with a weakened organism that will create immunity in your body.Define: Vaccines cause immunization. Which is the process where you become protected.

3. Give me an example of how the disease can be spread through…         

Bonus if you can name a specific disease

 Your ExampleBonus – Give a Specific Disease?
Direct ContactNot washing your hands and touching unclean surfaces. Using the restroom and not washing up.Pink-eye
Indirect ContactCough, sneezing, spitting. Drinking and eating water.Salmonella
AnimalsCat scratches, bites, insects sucking your blood.Cat scratch disease. (lymphoreticulosis)
Contaminated ObjectsTouching something or using a utensil that is unclean. 

4. There are four types of pathogens. Please give me a disease that is caused by that pathogen.

 Find a disease by that pathogenBonus: Include a picture of the disease you choose
Hint so I can avoid emails.    Google “Bacterial disease” For a Picture click “Image” on Google

Task 2

Define these terms in your words. If you need help I encourage you to look them up online or better yet go bother your parents to see if they know the answer. However, if your parents get annoyed with you especially during this quarantine time I encourage you again to look them up online. I don’t want any parent emails asking to be left alone.

Infectious Disease Definitions

Disease –

Causative Agent –

Incubation Period –

Symptoms –

Mode of Transmission –

Long Term Effects –

Treatment –

Prevention –

Task 3

Now you know the definitions. This next part you will need to go online and do a little research.

  • Choose one of the common diseases that you may have or have not had in your lifetime and do a little research:
    • *remember all yellow boxes should have an answer from you
    • *type the disease of your choose in the blue box
Pick one of these common diseases
The Common ColdPink EyeLiceMononucleosis
RingwormAthlete’s FootStrep ThroatMRSA
DiseaseCausative AgentIncubation PeriodSymptoms
Mode of TransmissionLong Term EffectsTreatmentPrevention
  • Choose one of the common diseases that you may have heard of but really not sure what it is and do a little research:
    • *remember all yellow boxes should have an answer from you
    • *type the disease your choose in the blue box
Pick one of these common diseases
LupusEncephalitisGiardiasisHand Foot Mouth
Whooping CoughLyme DiseaseScabiesZika
DiseaseCausative AgentIncubation PeriodSymptoms
Mode of TransmissionLong Term EffectsTreatmentPrevention
  • HIV AIDS is required on this one OR
  • Choose one of the options in blue. It includes Sexually transmitted diseases. Due to us not being in a classroom I am making this optional. I want to give you the opportunity to have an understanding of sexually transmitted diseases if you choose.
HIV/AIDSChlamydiaGenital WartsPubic Lice
DiseaseCausative AgentIncubation PeriodSymptoms
Mode of TransmissionLong Term EffectsTreatmentPrevention

Task 4

Some major diseases that have occured within my lifetime have been HIV/AIDS, H1N1 (Swine Flu), H5N1 (Bird Flu), CoV-2 (SARS), Zika (Rio Olympics 2016) are a few that come to mind and maybe you have heard of them. The one I know you have heard of is the Coronavirus (COVID-19), which you are experiencing as a Pandemic and will remember this time for the rest of your life. When in the classroom I talk about critical incidents.

A critical incident can be defined as any event that has a stressful impact sufficient enough to overwhelm the usually effective coping skills of an individual. Critical incidents are abrupt, powerful events that fall outside the range of ordinary human experiences.

Whether you realize it or not the world is going to change when this all clears. How it will look different I am not sure…possibilities may be…your turn to finish the list. It is okay to ask your parents or call on other students if you need help.

  1. Going to work/school sick
  2. International travel
  3. My RVHS weight room daily sanitation protocols
  4. Flu Season and who is required to get a flu shot

Finally COVID-19 breakdown. Some of you may be able to do this without looking anything up online. Tell me about COVID-19’s Causative Agent, Incubation Period, Symptoms, Mode of Transmission, Long Term Effects, Treatment and Prevention.

DiseaseCausative AgentIncubation PeriodSymptoms
Mode of TransmissionLong Term EffectsTreatmentPrevention

Task 5

What does the “19” mean in COVID-19? No trick look it up you might just find this interesting.


Task 6

How many stars 1 through 5 would you give this Weeks assignment?

__ Stars


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