In one document, please answer each of the following three questions using one or two paragraphs:  

  1. If you were hired as a system forensic expert to defend a plaintiff accused of a computer crime that he/she didn’t comment, with cyber evidence presented by the DA in court to the contrary, what general premise and arguments could you use to defend your client (i.e., knowing nothing else except that the evidence presented is not valid)?
    1. When answering this question, address each of the Five Rules of Evidence identified in the Module 5 presentation.
  • If you investigated the DA’s forensic witness, what would you look for to refute their credibility?
    • When answering this question, address each of the four steps in the Evidence Life Cycle, identified in the Module 5 presentation.
  • What qualities would a forensic witness possess that would concern you the most if you were supporting the defense?

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