Before a law can be enacted by Congress, regulations and issuing guidelines are decided upon by a
federal agency. These guidelines are published by the Federal Register. Explore the Federal Register
( Keyword search nutrition. Choose one nutrition-related law that relates to a
Food and Nutrition Program (WIC, SNAP, National School Lunch, or any program derivative such as the
SNAP Farmer’s Market program) and complete a 2-3 page single spaced paper on the following:
1. Describe the bill. Provide a synopsis of the background summary and proposed changes (15
a. What is the bill number (3 points)?
b. When was this approved by Congress (3 points)?
c. When will the changes take effect (3 points)?
d. What was the problem (3 points)?
e. Who is the intended audience that would benefit from this bill (3 points)?
f. How will the changes address the described problem (3 points)?
2. Where any public comments made (5 points)? If so, what?
a. How many public comments were made? (1 point)
b. Summarize the comments for both pro and con arguments (3 points)
c. Quote at least one public comment from each side (1 point).
3. Do you agree with the changes made by the bill (10 points)? Why or why not? Provide
evidence to support your argument.
a. Do you think the bill will be effective? Why or why not (5 points)?
b. Would you make any changes to the policy? If so what (5 points)?

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