Justice – calls on us to fairly distribute benefits, risks, costs, and resources as best we can. Every person should be treated in the best possible way for safe and quality care. 

Beneficence – The principle of acting with the best interest of the other in mind. The moral obligation of healthcare is to deliver safe and quality healthcare to everyone.

You can use the following website to find a policy: Using the website, identify a piece of proposed health policy legislation and discuss all the following points, or you can pick one from chapter 11 from the followimg book: Story, N. M. (2022). Milstead’s health policy and politics a nurse’s guide (7th ed.). Jones & Bartlett Learning.

In an essay format, answer the two questions.

Question 1

Choose a healthcare issue that you would like to see changed or implemented and using the ethical principle of justice or beneficence, how will you explain the importance of a fair policy.

Question 2

Choose a healthcare issue (or use the one from question 1) and describe how you will lobby for policy change. You may choose to lobby your community or politicians. 

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