TedEx- How does your immune system work? This video provides a general overview of the entire immune system and terms and concepts. You will need to pause to type your answers, obviously. 

  1. In your own words, describe how the immune system works.
  2. Describe the role of leukocytes in your body. How many are there in every microliter of blood?
  3. What is an antigen?
  4. Identify the two main cellular groups of leukocytes and describe the roles of each.
  5. What type of lymphocyte makes antibodies?
  6. What is the goal of the immunes system?
  7. What is immunity?
  8. What are autoimmune diseases?

TedED: The surprising reason you feel awful when you’re sick.

9.   What do macrophages do?

10. What is the job of cytokines?

11. What are the two responses cytokines trigger during an immune response?

12. What does prostaglandin E2 do during an immune response?

Functions and Organs of the Lymphatic System

13. What are the functions of the immune system?

14. Describe the function of the following parts of the lymphatic system

  1. Lymphatic capillary
    1. Lymph
    1. Lymphatic vessel
    1. Lymph node
    1. Tonsils
    1. Spleen
    1. Thymus
  2. Where does the “cleaned” lymph go back to?
  3. What are the three sets of tonsils called?

Non-specific and specific defenses

17. How are the non-specific and specific defenses different from each other?

18. List and describe the function of the four “strategies” used by the non-specific part of our immune system.

19. What are the four cardinal signs of inflammation?

20. What are the two “strategies” used by our specific defenses?

21. Describe where in the body and what cells are associated with anti-body mediated immunity.

22. Describe where in the body and what cells are associated with cell-mediated immunity.

23. Describe the function of the following lymphocytes:

  1. B cells
    1. Th cells
    1. Tc cells
  2. List and describe the functions of the five types of white blood cells.

Textbook Memmler’s The Human Body

in Health and Gsease Enhanced 14th Edition

Barbara Janson Cohen. Kerry L. Hull

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