Attend the meeting and participate in the discussion and earn up to 4pts by writing a 1 to 2 page (single-spaced) summary of the discussion. Underline how you participated (your questions and/or comments made) in your summary to earn full points. 

Extra Credit on hosted a “” discussion on in the lobby about Celebrities in Politics: Influential or Distracting?

Notes I took from what was discussed in the meeting today. Please use notes below to write essay:

  • Group talked about politics have started to become celebrities
  • We see them (celebrities) more and more Infront of us
  • 1960 between Kennedy and Nixon first time debates were televised
  • Social media makes politicians just to have to get connected to the people
  • We shouldn’t just listen to celebrities in politics
  • I talked about Kanye West and how when he said he was running for President a lot of people just instantly said they were going to vote for him because his name not what he says. That is how celebrities ruin politics because people want to do a background check
  • Group talked about should there be a requirement to vote?
  • Links on tweeter have explanatory box to point you toward a certain direction on topics a controversial topic.
  • Who is the one that is putting what is fact or not on the explanatory boxes.
  • Ronald Reagan and Arnold Schwarzenegger both were politicians and took their jobs very seriously
  • You shouldn’t be getting your news from tweeter
  • So shouldn’t be informed about what your entertainers/celebrities say is facts

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