Personnel Research Techniques & HRIS

Assignment Two: Human Resources Research (15%)

HR professionals need to be constantly aware of workforce behaviour, standards of behaviour and how to make people perform better.

Choose a workforce behaviour that you believe needs correcting in the HR department (of a company you have worked for or know about).   Perhaps it is a problem of absenteeism, lack of customer service or accident rates.  Answer the following questions:

  1. Provide a brief description about the organization (not the name, but the number of employees, size of HR department, service vs. manufacturing, what it does).
  2. Identify the workforce behaviour and provide a brief description of why you think it is a problem.
  1. State an acceptable standard (benchmark) you would like to achieve.  For example, if your identified behaviour is an absenteeism rate of 12%, then you might see 7% being a standard.
  2. List some root causes of this behaviour.  Why do you think employees are absent from work etc?
  3. Describe at least three policies or programs you might introduce to achieve the desired results.  Put these in priority order (which ones are thought to be most effective in achieving results, keeping in mind cost considerations).

Please ensure that your completed assignments meet the following requirements.


ContentYour report should include: Cover page with your name, student number, assignment nameTable of ContentsIntroductionSeparate section for each required item.
FormatWord processed, double-spaced, spellchecked, your name on first page, page numbering on every page
File TypeSave the File as Word Document Format (.docx)
File NameXXXy.asgn1.docx where XXX is replaced by your last name, and y is replaced by your first initial and 1 is replaced by the appropriate assignment number for each assignment submitted.
ReferencesFor references, quote and cite the source.  Example:  “XXX”, (Belcourt & McBey, p. 127)
Due DatePlease check the Timeline (in Course Information) for the due date for each assignment.

Marking Criteria:

Please see How assignments will be marked (in Assignments).

How to submit your assignment:

  • Submit your file in the Assignment area. Once there, click the link for the assignment you wish to submit, then attach your file in Section 2, Assignment Materials.
  • For help submitting your assignments, please see How to use Blackboard & Submit Assignments (in Course Information at the left).

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