This 2000 word essay is the final piece for my “Understanding World Cinema” course and I need a minimum of 9 academic sources. 

Here are a couple of ideas I thought of to answer “How does the film “Parasite” represent South Korea society and ideologies?”:

-history of south Korea and impact of its cinema on global audiences and local ones
-prevailing ideologies within South Korean society
-Parasite being an ideal medium through which to reflect the local culture and issues
-Focus on how the film relies on significant moments or symbols, to capture and convey to the public, the impact and consequences of the gap between the rich and the poor

-meaning and purpose of film
-content analysis
-portrays specific local characteristics which can also relate to worldwide movie similarities in the ideologies
-successful and acknowledged film

-Symbolism within film
-Camera work
-Techniques used to effectively impact audience
-Angles/ shots used
-Editing efficiency
-Music selection
-overall result and meaning of using these components 

-Which characteristics appear in other cultures and how the film industry utilizes them for both educational and entertainment purpose
-ideologies formed according to a capitalist democracy, looking at aggressive neighborhoods 
-an overall sense of deceit and distrust is transmitted to the viewers

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