Read and study all the material and the Case Study: American Investment Management Services in Week 9 before beginning the final exam. “Exhibits” are found in that Case. Then answer the following questions about the Case Study: American Investment Management Services:

  1. (25 points) What managerial insights about profitability per household can you extract from Exhibit 3?
  • (20 points) a) Using ABC analysis, and the information in Exhibits 2 and 4, calculate the loss per household for each the six customer profiles per Exhibit 4. Round your calculations to the nearest dollar. b) What are two specific management actions for each of the six customer profiles that would substantially improve the profitability for that specific segment? Calculate the impact of these actions to the nearest dollar.
  • (25 points) Noting that excess capacity is charged back to active accounts, if AIMS scaled back to 3,000,000 active households and planned only a 10% excess capacity reserve for future growth, a large proportion of cost could be eliminated. Estimate how much of total cost for 1999 could be eliminated, based on facts presented in the case.
  • (30 points) What are your overall recommendations to top management based on the customer profitability information?  How would those recommendations address the issues faced by AIMS?

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