Watch a television show or movie that portrays working nurses as main characters. Reflect on the image of nursing presented in the media.

Submit a 2 page reflection paper( double space, 12 Times New Roman font). Include an APA citation (in-text and reference) for the television show or movie you used. You may find the following questions useful as you evaluate your media source:

1. Was nursing portrayed realistically? 

2. Was clothing worn realistic for the time? 

3. Were nurses portrayed as intelligent? As educated? How did they compare to other characters with regard to intelligence and education?

4. Were minorities, including men, represented proportionately to the number practicing today? 

5. How did the other characters respond, or interact, with the nurses? Was there a collegial working relationship? 

6. Did the nurses themselves model professional behaviors with other characters?

7. Do you think this show or movie would add value in recruitment of nursing students?

8. How do you think the image of nurses and the nursing profession was portrayed?

9. How does this impact the public perception/image of nurses?

10. Compare/contrast the Hollywood nurse to one of the nurses in the American Nurse film. (Jones, C. (2013). The American Nurse. Kino Lorber.)

see assignment rubric details.

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