Identifications: (6 points each; 30 points total)

For each set, you should not only define each individual term, you must also identify the theme that connects the terms and explain the significance of that connection. A good answer will include specific details from lecture and readings and be 5-10 sentences long. (minimum of 2 paragraphs each set)

Set 1: New Jersey Exception (Lecture 3/25)/ Martin v. Massachusetts(Lecture 4/6)/ Republican Motherhood (Lecture 4/6)

Set 2: Declaration of Independence/ Bett/ Elizabeth Freeman (Lecture 3/25)/ Gettysburg Address (Lecture 4/29)

Set 3: Three-fifths Compromise (Lecture 3/30)/ Fugitive Slave Act (Lecture 4/27)/ Dred Scott Decision (Lecture 4/27)

Set 4: waged labor (Lecture 4/8)/ “positive good” (Lecture 4/27)

(Lecture 4/27)/ Abolition (Lecture 4/20) 

Set 5: Virginia & Kentucky Resolutions (Lecture 4/1)/ Confederate States of America (Lecture 4/29)/ Cornerstone Speech (Lecture 4/29)

(Note: you don’t need to cite all lectures, you can write from your own knowledge of the subject. I would suggest you use the lectures for terms that are difficult)

Short Essays (40 points each; 120 points total)

A good answer will have a thesis that is fully supported by specific examples and detailed analysis pulled from both lecture and readings. For both direct quotes and paraphrases, you must cite your sources using simple footnotes (Duval, Lecture 4/27; Rockman 170).

Be sure to answer all parts of the question.
Please number your essays in the paper so I know which prompt you are responding to. (minimum 1.5 pages each)

  1.  The Market Revolution transformed the American economy between the American Revolution and the Civil War How did gender and family roles change due to the changing American economy? Using information from lectures, assigned videos, and readings, discuss how masculinity, femininity, and childhood all changed during the Market Revolution and its influence on American society.
  2.  The Indian Removal Act (1830) declared that Native American tribes should be moved west of the Mississippi River. The removal process lasted for decades, cost a fortune, and severely damaged many Native societies. Why was Indian removal so complicated and painful? Using information from lectures, assigned videos, and readings, discuss the removal process, different ways tribes such as the Cherokee resisted removal, and the connection between Indian removal and the Southern slave economy.
  3.  Southern plantation slavery was a diverse institution that shaped society and culture for both slaveholders and the enslaved. Drawing from lectures and assigned readings, write a short essay detailing how white slaveholders sought to control and exert power over enslaved persons, and how the enslaved resist. In your answer, discuss the power dynamics of the plantation household, including the importance of gender, the age of slaveholders and enslaved persons, as well as the role of labor and geography of maintaining plantation power dynamics. 

Extra Credit (5 points): What was your favorite reading of the semester and why?

  • Notes to consider for this project:
  • This assignment doesn’t have a specific words count. No introduction and conclusion.
  • For Identifications: very briefly describe each term, explain how the three terms connect together, and the significant of each term (significant means for example what was the benefit or result of the term, and how was it significant?) (you will have to do this for each set)
  • For Short Essays: just make sure you answer all part of the question and cite the readings/lectures or materials I provided in the page below or under files. (Format is Chicago style and citation must include footnotes)
  • If you could do the Extra Credit I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.

Material to cite: (note you don’t have to watch/read/cite all material provided below, only use the ones you feel are necessary to answer all the questions above). To make things easier for you; I highlighted the things I think you will need to use to answer some of the questions.



Lectures: (will be shared with the assigned writer)


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