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  1. Strategic Management: Concepts and Cases: EBSCOhost (dmu.ac.uk)
  2. ProQuest Ebook Central – Detail page
  3. ProQuest Ebook Central – Detail page

This assignment requires you to:

Present a strategic argument on which organization (between Zeekr and Tesla) you think is more likely to have a global strategic advantage in Electronic Vehicles (EVs) by 2025 using the article information in the BBC Report dated 24 March 2021:

China’s biggest car brand to launch rival to Tesla – BBC News

and any credible supplementary research sources.

Integrate appropriate theories and concepts where you deem necessary.

Conclude with a strategy map representative of the pathway to a global strategic advantage based on your arguments presented.

Assignment Criteria

1. Students should be able to introduce their presentation with some context of the EV sector (advisory 1-2minutes) (10%)

2. Students should be able to provide their interpretation of what a global strategic advantage in electrical vehicles entails (advisory 1-2 minutes) (10%)

3. Students should be able to present a strategic comparison of Zeekr and Tesla to support their argument on which will have a global strategic advantage (advisory 2-3 minutes) (10%)

4. Students should be able to conduct an in-depth strategic analysis of the potential for global strategic advantage of the organization they believe is more likely to have a global strategic advantage in EVs (advisory 2-3 minutes) (10%)

5. Students should support their argument with relevant theories and concepts of global strategic management (advisory 2-3 minutes) (10%)

6. Students should be able to illustrate a strategy map (10%)

7. Strategy map must demonstrate how global strategic advantage in EVs is achievable by the selected organisation (advisory 2-3 minutes) (10%)

8. Students should incorporate academically acceptable evidence and cite it appropriately (10%)

9. Student presentation must be professional with clear video and audio. It should not exceed 16 minutes. (10%)

10. Student presentation must be free of writing errors (10%)

Sample of a strategy map:

Diagram  Description automatically generated

About the strategy map:

The main idea of a strategy map is that each strategic objective is represented by an oval shape

Have arrows between the objectives to show their cause-and-effect chain. By following the arrows’ paths, you can see how the objectives in the lower perspectives drive the success of the higher ones

Themes vertically group together related objectives across your entire strategy map. Unlike perspectives, themes are very specific to your organization.

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