Global Issues in Women’s Health

Fall 2020


  1. The final paper is a research paper on a women’s health issue of professional interest. You are free to choose the paper topic either from the topics covered in the readings or an alternate topic that is not covered in class.  However, it is expected that this will build from the fact sheet assignment.
  1. Be sure however, that if the topic had not been covered in class, that it is indeed a topic that impacts women in developing or developed countries to a magnitude that would make it pertinent to Women’s  health.
  1. The content of your paper is the most important aspect.  In general as you think about your topic, you should include the following information:
  • Describe the health issue including some background information
  • Identify the main biological and social determinants of the health issue
  • Risk and protective factors: the factors that increase the issue or could reduce the issue
  • Treatment of issue
  • Describe the consequences of the issue at the individual and population levels
  • Identify promising strategies for addressing the health issue including health policies where applicable
  • As this is a research paper, you are expected to analyze the topic in some depth.  An overview of the topic will not be enough.  Re-wording the readings, for example, will not suffice.  I am expecting that you will prepare carefully and choose your material well.
  • Web based research only will not be enough. Material taken from organizations such as the WHO; CDC; World Bank; UNDP are accepted.  However, material from such organizations should be supplemental to your research material gathered from academic journals.
  1. You are expected to cite your references thoroughly and carefully.  The golden rule is that unless you made it up or it is general knowledge (e.g. it gets cold in the winter) then you have to provide a citation for that information.
    • I will be checking this so please be meticulous. The Public Health citation type is APA 6th edition (American Psychological Association)
  1. The paper is expected to be about 8-10 (double-spaced), 12 point font (Times New Romans or Arial). Please do not exceed 12 pages. Page margins are expected to be the default page margins by WORD (1.25 inches left and right; 1-inch bottom and top).
  1. Please note that the references page does not count as part of your page number requirements.
  1. Please double check your grammar and spelling.  The Word spell and grammar check program is not without fault and can have you say silly things if you are not careful.  Please edit and review your work before handing it in.


 If you have any questions on your topic please feel free to discuss this with me.

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