Chapter Case Analysis Assignments—General Instructions—Online Submissions

During the course of the semester there will be six cases assigned from the textbook.  The purpose of each case assignments is to learn and apply the chapter material either ahead of or concurrent with the classroom discussion /lecture.  The cases will require you to present additional alternatives beyond the most obvious choices and stretch your analytical thinking to identify positive and negative consequences of your alternatives.

I strongly suggest you begin with a “situation analysis” to think through all of the issues present and not jump into your thoughts and opinions in answering the questions.

For most questions there will be a required minimum number of answers/examples/alternatives.  Providing only the minimum will equate to “C” level work.  To earn an “A” or “B” grade for the question and case, you must generally provide an additional three answers.  Even answers that may not appear to be a good choice or be a reasonable alternative should be included.  Sometimes those will lead to a choice that might not otherwise been considered.  I am looking for your identification of as many alternatives as you can identify.

ALWAYS use a bullet point/outline format to answer questions as set out in the case instructions. Read the case instructions for each case as they will change from one case to the next. Papers not following these instructions will be returned, ungraded for correction and resubmission.

ALWAYS complete the honor code affirmation and disclosure indicating whether you prepared the case in collaboration with another student or worked entirely alone.    Papers unsigned will be returned ungraded for your signature and resubmission.

ALWAYS submit your case analysis on BB under the Chapter Case Assignment tab.  It will open as an “essay exam” which will permit me to read and grade your work. Emailed versions will only be accepted on an exception basis.

IF you choose to collaborate with other students, all you need to do is disclose it on your Honor Code/cover sheet. Please understand that collaboration means working on and analyzing the case by discussing it.  It does not mean that one person writes the paper and all turn in the same paper.  Just the opposite. I expect that each person will independently write their paper and that the “final product” will be that person’s individual effort.

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