Identify a festive or celebratory food, recipe, or meal from a country other than the United States of America.

You will research this food, recipe, or meal and present three reports on it over the course of the semester. The reports may be organized on a website if preferred. Each report will include a narrative component of 750 words and an infographic. You may discuss the recipe within the narrative of the History and Culture report, if appropriate. The infographic and recipe should address a specific historic, ethical, or technological component of the food. Be sure to cite your sources in all components

1. History and Culture. What is the history of the production and consumption of this food product / recipe? Who consumes it and why? Is there a religious component? What are its nutritional components? Make sure to discuss the local, regional, national, and global components, to include governmental and non-governmental efforts to prevent hunger.

2. Ethics in Food and Nutrition. Who cultivates / raises the ingredients of this dish (modern food production)? What are the labor conditions? Who consumes this food – is it available to all? Is this food consumed where it is grown or exported for profit? If it is involved in a religious ceremony, who is included and excluded from consumption? You may also reference historical changes in production and consumption if appropriate.

3. Emerging Technology. What changes / advancements have been made in the production, distribution, and consumption of this dish? What changes are on the horizon? Does to contribute to, or work against, proposed solutions to the predicted Malthusian global food crisis? How will this impact the culture and ethics components in the future?

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