Gleason & Co. is a mid-sized construction company located in London, Ontario. Four weeks ago, the company was awarded a $2,000,000 federal government contract to renovate a secondary school. Gleason & Co. currently employs 195 employees already working to maximum capacity, so Management has decided to create a department that will be solely responsible for the federal government contract. This will mean a company expansion with 30 new employees joining the organization. You have been given the task of leading the hiring team for the new division.   

There have been many changes in the field of HR since the company last expanded, and Management has expressed concerns that some of the people assigned to your team are not as knowledgeable about Recruitment and Selection as they should be. Management has requested that you begin by educating your team members in the most up-to-date Recruitment and Selection methods.

1. You have decided to use a Situational Interview (SI) format in interviewing the job applicants.

a) Explain the nature and importance of a SI to your team. (4 marks)

b) One of the company’s core competencies is “Teamwork”. Develop a SI question (including a dilemma) that could be used in an interview to test for this competency. (7 marks)

c) Develop a scoring guide that could be used to score the above SI question. (7 marks)

2. Traditionally, Gleason & Co. used an unstructured interview approach, combined with pure judgmental decision making. You want your team to use structured interviews. Develop a short (max. one page) communication addressed to the managers and explain to them the differences, advantages, and disadvantages of their past approach and the structured approach. Focus on a few (3-4) most important components of structured interviews and explain in detail how they contribute to employment interview structure. (7 marks)

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