The ten elements of art are:

Color: The optical effect caused when reflected white light of the spectrum is divided into separate wavelengths.

Form: An object that can be defined in three dimensions (height, width, and depth).

Mass: A volume that has, or gives the illusion of having, weight, density, and bulk.

Motion and Time: (1) The effect of changing placement of time; (2) Motion occurs when an object changes location or position. Because this process occurs as time passes, motion is directly linked to time.

Shape: A two-dimensional area, the boundaries of which are defined by lines or suggested by changes in color or value.

Space: The distance between identifiable points or planes.

Texture: The surface quality of a work, for example fine/coarse, detailed/lacking in detail.

Value: The lightness or darkness of a plane or area.

Volume: The space filled or enclosed by three-dimensional figure or object.

The ten principles of art are:

Balance: A principle of art in which elements are used to create a symmetrical or asymmetrical sense of visual weight in an artwork.

Contrast: A drastic difference between such elements as color or value(lightness/darkness) when they are presented together.

Emphasis: The principle of drawing attention to particular content within a work.

Focal Point: (1) The center of interest or activity in a work of art, often drawing the viewers attention to the most important element; (2) the area in a composition to which the eye returns most naturally

Pattern: An arrangement of predictably repeated elements.

Proportion: The relationship in size between a work’s individual parts and the whole.

Rhythm: The regular or ordered repetition of elements in the work.

Scale: The size of an object or artwork relative to another object or artwork, or to a system of measurement.

Unity: The appearance of oneness or harmony in a work of art: all the elements appearing to be part of a cohesive whole.

Variety: The diversity of different ideas, media, and elements in a work.

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