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Guidelines for writing your assessment.

Your assessment for this module is a written piece of work. You have a word allowance of 3000 words which includes references in the text but excludes the reference list. Your work should follow an essay format and have an introduction, the main body, and a conclusion. Your work should include learning outcomes 1 2, 3 and 4.


Your introduction should give information on how you are approaching the assignment e.g., the order in which you are covering the learning outcomes. This tells the marker what to expect in your work. You can also make some comments about the learning outcome e.g., effective communication skills are essential in healthcare as they enable staff to accurately assess the health and wellbeing of the patient by asking questions and listening to replies.

Main body

In this section you are going to write about the learning outcomes in more detail. You must make sure that you address the procedure word for the learning outcome you are writing about e.g., discuss, explain, analyse. You can find a list of procedural words plus their description in the assessment tab. You should be using evidence to inform what you are writing, and your work must be referenced.


This draws your work together and states what you have said in the main body of the essay. You should not be bringing added information into your work at this point.

Word allowance

Your word allowance for this essay is 3000. Remember to set words aside to write your introduction and conclusion. These should be about 300 words for each maximum. That leaves you 2400 words to write the 4 learning outcomes. The learning outcomes are of equal weighting. Remember you can go 10% over on words I.e., 300 words without being penalised. If your essay is more than 10% under the word limit you may well have missed valuable information, and this could lead to your essay being referred. The word count for your essay should be between 2700 to 3300 excluding the reference list. Please check the number of words once you have completed the essay but without the reference list. This should be indicated at the end of the essay.

Learning outcome 1

Communication is a big subject and so you need to make decisions on what you should include. You are asked to discuss how effective communication enables delivery of safe and appropriate care. Think about what you need to know to deliver appropriate care to an individual patient. What communication skills will you need to use to acquire this information. It will also be useful to consider the skills you need to when explaining the care, they will receive to the patient. The question asks for a discussion so if the communication skills are poor what could happen.

Learning outcome 2.

This learning outcome asks you to explain and justify the importance of assessments and observations and why they must be recorded accurately. You should explain why observations are done and what they can tell the healthcare staff about the health of the patient. Why is this important?

Learning outcome 3

Here you are looking at 3 aspects of care, nutrition, hydration, and hygiene needs. You need to discuss how these three aspects will help to improve the health and wellbeing of the individual. Think about what constitutes good nutritional and fluid intake.

Learning outcome 4

This learning outcome is very topical in the current time. You need to explain why infection control policies and procedures are so important for the health and safety of the patient and the staff. What will happen if they are not followed?

Citations and reference list

Remember to use references to support what you are saying. Cite it Right which can be found on the library web pages will help you write the citation in the text correctly and will also help with completing the reference list. If you have cited a reference in the text it should appear in the reference list. The reference list is written alphabetically by author.

Formative Template

Student Name

The space on the template will extend as you type.

Introduction   Indicate the focus of your essay and the issues that you intend to discuss          To begin with taking about how effective communication skills are essential in healthcare and now I am going to start by giving comments how to solve these issues.  
Content of main body   LO 1 Discuss how effective communication skills within the workplace enables delivery of safe and appropriate care to the service user/patient.                  In the first place, essential aspect of communication skills is verbal  and non-verbal is at the core of all healthcare.Good healthcare professionals must have the patience and fortitude to listen what individuals are saying and showing to you to get a better picture of the health problems. In the second place ,another skill is beneficial cooperation .A healthcare who is willing to ask questions and give time to answer individual makes them feel like the professionals in this particularly field truly care and they will be more likely to cooperate.Also there are a number of factors need to be considered: -clear/ask the patient if they understand and if they have any questions /, -accurate -if you are unsure about the accuracy of your information refer the patient to the appropriate health professional /, -honest-they can trust you -appropriate to the age and level of understanding of the individual. -respect ,privacy and confidentiality . Either a family member might be helpful in effective communication. If the patient is unable to understand you ,we must be aware of the potential effect on non-verbal communication. -be aware of your facial expression -consider the position of your body, your appearance, also your gestures. Furthermore there are numbers of barriers to effective communication: Vulnerable groups of individual as learning difficulties, physical difficulties, beliefs, sensory issues and language differences .We also need to consider environmental barriers for example; other people talking ,noise in the rooms ,ventilation and lighting. -interruption and distraction during the conversation. Effective communication is used to improve care services, reduce compliance and stress; create a better working environment for care                        
  LO 2   Explain and justify the importance of the assessments and observations when giving care, why these must be accurately recorded and reported to the qualified practitioner.First of all nursing assessment is a key component of the care plan. Accurate assessment requires viewing patients holistically, which identifies their needs.An observation and assessment is a systematic method of collecting information about a patient.The observation is a vital sign include breathing ,blood pressure, pulse and temperature ,as well as bruises, rashes and allergic reaction .Observation is important because then you know how the patient is feeling, if the patient gets any worse then you can report it to the qualified practitioner.It is important to keep an accurate and constant record of these reading so that you can compare them with previous to monitor any changes in the individual condition. As a result of the assessment process, patients are transported to the right facilities ,with affects the outcome.
  LO 3 Discuss why good nutritional and fluid intake, and care of hygiene needs will improve the health and well-being of the service user/patient.These days healthy lifestyle is vital because it improves your well-being. Also you can feel better mentally because your nutrition reflects your health strength, living a healthier lifestyle means a lower risk of heart problems, artery clogging, overweight. Speaking about fluid intake which is really important to balance your body hydration. I think we should drink from 7 to 8 glasses of liquids per day, especially water. Also, care of hygiene is highly beneficial for us because it is reduce the spread of bacterias, illness and other diseases. Providing good hydration and nutrition in care promotes health and well-being of patients as well as helping ease the burden of treating malnutrition and dehydration-related conditions.
  LO 4   Explain the importance of following infection control policies and procedures to maintain health and safety of the service user/patient.To keep the environment safe ,infection prevention and control practices are essential by reducing the risk of the potential spread of disease.A hospital infection control procedures  include hand hygiene, sterilisation of equipment, and using devices that prevent the spread of infections also help ensure the hospital environment  is as safe as possible for patients and staff.The cleaning and disinfecting schedules and duties for healthcare professionals should be known, and every facility should follow strict cleaning procedures.
Conclusion   Summarise main issues and any recommendations for practice based upon insights gained.      All things considered I prefer to say that it is really important to collaborate with patients and have a teamwork together. Also, health professionals is really capable viewing patients needs and collecting information about them. Besides by watching your day meal you’re helping your body to feel balanced and healthy and by joining water in your daily routine you staying hydrated all day long. Furthermore hygiene like hands washing, disinfection helps you reduce micro-organism and parasites which is really important especially these days.
References   Identify how key sources are to be utilized in your work

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