Your presentation should be between 5 – 10 narrated slides (Minimum 5 content slides), plus a title page and a final reference page slide. The final slide should include the sources you used in APA format. A minimum of three valid academic resources should be cited in APA format on the reference slide. The focus of your presentation should be on ONE specific Region/Culture. The content of your presentation should explain in general how cultural practices and economic demographics affect the safety of the food supply for that region/culture. Be sure to use specific examples to illustrate the points you are making. Explain how these cultural or demographic factors could expand beyond that one region and affect the global food supply (think cross border trading, traveling, or food manufacturing). You may wish to use examples from your own culture to explain your ideas and conclusions, feel free to include photos of your own cultural food preparation practices if it enhances your presentation. Five elements to include: Cultural practices pertaining to cuisine, economic situation of the region, infrastructure of the region, demographics of the region, global implications from food supply in that region. You will be graded on the content of your presentation along with your actual presentation skills, i.e. speaking clearly and slowly, making sure that the words and illustrations on your slides enhance what you are explaining verbally (make sure you do not include too many words on your slides or simply read from your slides). A presentation should be a combination of visuals and narration, working together to present your ideas. Be sure to submit both the narrated PowerPoint Presentation along with your script in a word document.

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