U.S. businesses have seen many failures due to ineffective performance analysis and problem-solving using key performance indicators.  At the same time, many businesses have used performance analysis to adjust their strategies and turn problems into opportunities.  By doing so, they have turned their business results around, gained market share, met and exceeded sales plans, and continued to build customer loyalty.


  1. Conduct outside research to gather performance information on two major U.S. companies: one that has struggled or failed since 2010, and one that has been successful during the same period.  Examples of struggling or failed companies include Best Buy, Borders, and Radio Shack.  Examples of successful companies include Costco, Amazon, and Apple.
  2. Using the financial statements available on the businesses\’ official websites or other financial reporting publications (Forbes.com, SEC.gov, etc.), analyze each company\’s financial performance over two recent consecutive years (e.g.- 2017/2018).
  3. Based on your research and financial analysis for each company, answer the following questions:
    1. For the struggling or failed company, form conclusions about the underlying reasons for failure that may have been evident in year one and year two. Consider the performance indicators that may have been ignored, or the cause and effect of these indicators in both years.
    2. Make and defend at least one recommendation that the struggling/failed company could have integrated into its strategy during year one and year two that may have resulted in a more positive outcome.
    3. For the successful company, form conclusions about the underlying reasons for the company\’s success that may have been evident in year one and year two.
    4. Distinguish the things that the successful company is doing that the failed/struggling company is/did not. Make sure that your conclusions are a synthesis and logical extrapolation from the findings of your research and analysis.
    5. What performance indicator(s) was the successful company paying attention to, perhaps more than the struggling/failed company?
    6. Compare and contrast the integrated business strategy of the successful company and the struggling/failed company. When performing your comparison, review the accuracy, relevance, logic, and objectivity of the information for any flaws or issues.
  4. Compose your answers to questions a. – f. with a minimum of one paragraph per question (minimum of 6 paragraphs total).  Research and use at least two outside sources to support your answers.  You must give appropriate credit to the source of the material and cite your sources according to APA guidelines. The guidelines for In-Text citations may be found here.
  5. Post your work to the appropriate Peer-to-Peer Discussion Board space.  After posting, read  Reviewing and Commenting 

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