Details of Assessment Submission

Details of Task: Written Assignment (3,000 words)

Weighting:                                           50%

Learning Outcomes:                           1, 2, 3

Deadline for Submission:

On successful completion the student will be able to:

LO1 Critically evaluate the legal and financial implications on the role of a sporting director.

LO2 Apply contemporary frameworks to issues within global sporting organisations.

LO3 Critically assess the effects of policy change on the decision making of the sporting director.

Assessment Overview.

Select a sport organisation that is of interest to you. It could be the team you support, the sport you play or an employer that you have worked for.

  1. Obtain the most recent set of financial statements and undertake a comprehensive financial analysis of the organisation’s performance. This should include a financial summary of the organisation’s financial performance from the last two seasons (focusing on revenue, expenditure, profit/loss, debt and availability of cash). You should provide a commentary/section on; Growth in key areas (or lack of it), profitability, liquidity (availability of cash) and defensive position (debt leverage).
  • Outline the key challenges faced and the future financial prospects it can plan for, including the impact that its financial position and performance can have on the role of a sporting director. This should consider the current market conditions, expected future trends and the ability of the organisation to grow. You can provide recommendations regarding what the organisation should do (based on its financial ability and your knowledge of the demands of the sporting director to achieve its objectives (sporting and financial).

N.B. Before starting your research please consult with your module tutor to agree that the club choice topic is appropriate for the context of the module assessment and your future role as a Sporting Director.

Criteria for AssessmentWeighting
  Written Report   Introduction to the organisation, commentary on the internal and external environment, ability to identify and communicate the basic meaning of a set of financial statements and coverage of organisational objectives.   Demonstration of the ability to conduct financial analyses and to interpret their meanings, including sections on; financial health (generally), growth, profitability, liquidity, and defensive positioning.   Evidence of the ability to identify and report wider performance issues such as immediate and long-term prospects based on financial analysis and organisational objectives.   Identification and discussion of the key challenges faced and the future implications that the organisations financial position and performance can have on the role of a sporting director.   Written, presented, and referenced to a good academic standard.          20%         25%         25%         20%       10%

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