For this week’s discussion, I would like you to read the attached scholarly article on leadership. Please discuss the following (You should have at least one paragraph per question):

The purpose of Chen’s (2019) case study was to explore how students’ leadership skills would be developed through teamwork activities in classes. Although the topic of leadership is vast, anyone could develop another definition of leader.

1. Based on the various definitions by Chen, how would you define a leader? in addition, what are your leadership skills? 

2. How do you define teamwork in the workplace and why do you feel it is important?

3. In the conclusion, Chen mentions that skills you can learn in the classroom are transferable. What skills that you are learning in the doctoral program, will assist you from the classroom to the real world?

No Direct Quotes, No Bullets, No Abbreviations, and No Contractions allowed . . . your full interpretation of the content and in an academic sentence/paragraph format (i.e., at least 5 sentences per paragraph).  Your response should address each of the questions presented. 

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