The final paper will represent the complete program proposal as an innovative solution to a public health problem, including the population, needs assessment, community engagement, theoretical and planning frameworks, intervention, evaluation plan, and impact on reducing health disparities.

This is your opportunity to showcase your analytical and creative skills, along with your knowledge, experience, and passion. All the exploration, effort, and planning from your semester has prepared you for completing this final paper. You may approach this as a program proposal, as you would submit to an organization, hospital or community partner, or as a grant proposal, as you would submit to a funding agency.

Please read all instructions. Use headings to organize your document. You may add tables or figures as needed.      [80 points total]

Summary/Abstract. Begin with a 1-page Executive Summary or Abstract (250-400 words).  [4 pt]

Significance. Articulate the need for/ significance of this program. Include the health problem, specific behavior, target population and existing disparity, and rationale supporting program development.   [8 pt]

Aims. Articulate mission statement, objectives, guiding theoretical and planning frameworks.     [10 pt]

Community engagement. Describe community partners, participants, and engagement plan.     [10 pt]

Approach. Detail program design, specific intervention content, timeline, and implementation plan.   [10 pt]

Evaluation. Define primary and secondary outcomes, measurement, and evaluation plan.   [10 pt]

Resources. As appropriate, include staffing needs, resource allocation, budget considerations.    [4 pt]

Impact. Conclude with a discussion of the likely impact of this program, describing how it will address an important health disparity.    [4 pt]

References and format. The body of this paper will be no more than 6 double-spaced pages (1 inch margins, Ariel or Times New Roman, 12 point font), not including tables, figures, and references. Use APA or AMA formatting guidelines. Pay special attention to organizational structure to support your proposal, using consistent and well-planned headings, subheadings, and supporting figures/tables.    [6 pt]

Style. Use clear language and complete and well-developed sentence structure. Well organized presentation of all material is essential, providing a sound public health rationale and supporting the importance of this project. The paper will be free of grammatical or spelling errors.     [6 pt]

Reflection. At the end of your paper (after the references, tables/figures), please add a personal reflection on your experience developing this program. For example, what motivated you to select this topic? What challenged you? What did you value? What aspects of the course supported your progress? What aspects of the course would you change and how? Maximum 1 page.

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