1. Question 1 [50%]

How do social influences shape the consumption practices of Gen Z? Specifically, discuss why marketers need to take into account the importance of reference groups when targeting Gen Z. Use examples to illustrate your answer.

2. Question 2 [50%]

Please provide an evaluation of the different consumer shopping personalities and explain why marketers control behaviours by designing physical environments in certain ways. Use appropriate examples to support your answer.

3. Question 3 [50%]

Identify the steps in the decision-making process and critically assess how culture impacts this process. You may want to think about different aspects of culture (values, norms, cultural dimensions, subcultures and so on). Use examples to illustrate your answer.

4. Question 4 [50%]

With reference to appropriate examples, explain how fashion, as a cultural system, creates and transfers symbolic meanings (to objects, people, practices).


Please ensure that you have read the advice at the following:

The assessment should be fully referenced throughout and contain the section References at the end, listing all sources cited in the assessment answers.


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