In this assignment, you will address the following:

  1. List two current complementary therapies and their benefits.
  2. What factors are changing the way medical practitioners view complementary and alternative therapies?
  3. Compare your results to one of the National Guidelines in your learning materials and provide information on your findings.

Please refer to the learning materials and videos to help you answer the assignment.

Please review the Writing Assignment Rubric for criteria that exceed expectations. You must have at least 4 scholarly references to support your statements to exceed expectations. Please ensure your work adheres to the Communication Policies. Do not exceed five pages not including cover page or references.



The advantages and safety concerns of Complementary and Alternative Therapies in Nursing are outlined in this course to give the graduate-level nurse the opportunity to better understand the various therapies as well as the tools to implement them in practice based on scientific evidence. The goal is to fully explain the history of each therapy, provide the “how tos” for implementing them, and their efficacy in practice. Until now, there have been few avenues for nurses to adopt the philosophy of Complementary and Alternative Therapies into practice with true evidence behind it with guidelines found to be in sound judgement and useful for the healing process. This course is intended to facilitate the use of the various therapies by the nurse in the clinical setting.

Complementary therapies and the underlying philosophy have been a part of the nursing profession since its beginnings. Florence Nightingale focused on the art and science of creating an appealing environment in which healing could occur. One method she employed was to open windows and let light into the hospital room to promote wound healing and decrease depression for the patient. This was new at the time and took time for others caring for the sick and injured soldiers in the Crimean War to adopt. Yet this was the start of a new nursing intervention designed to increase comfort for the patient and in some ways provide them with distraction from the trauma of war. The significance of therapies, such as music, therapeutic listening, and being present with the patient, are now part of the evolution of Complementary Therapies in Nursing. Complementary therapies today simply provide yet another opportunity for nurses to include a caring spirit for the patients in their care.

The Evolution of Complementary Therapies and Integrative Healthcare Practices will be the focus for Week 1 as we begin to understand how these therapies easily can be integrated into your nursing practice and the education of patients and students!

Week 1: Learning Materials


  • Lindquist, R., Tracy, M., & Snyder, M. (2018). Complementary and Alternative Therapies in Nursing (8th edition). Springer Publishing. NY, NY.
    • Chapter 1, “Evolution and Use of Complementary Therapies and Integrative Healthcare Practices”


  • Gray, A. C., Steel, A., & Adams, J. A critical integrative review of complementary medicine education: Key issues and empirical gaps. BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine (2019). Retrieved from

Other Resources

National Guidelines


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